Introducing People: manage everyone from one place

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March 8, 2018

It’s been another busy month. 🐝 We’ve just finished building a ton of cool new functionality to help you manage all your employees in one place! With tags breakdowns, capacity visuals, logged hour progress bars, billed time percentages, filters and overview pages for each employee, life just got a whole load easier.

The implications for team efficiency and performance are huge:

  • You can allocate resources more effectively by instantly seeing who has too much or too little capacity
  • You can scan what people are working on to ensure everyone is focused on high-priority projects
  • You can even see who has and hasn’t logged their hours, and create employee snapshot reports all from the same place.
  • You can see who meets their billable % targets and who doesn’t.

One page for all employee activity

Meet your new “People” overview page. Gone are the days of just seeing a list of names and user access rights. Now, you get a full picture of all employee hours and billable activity in one place.

Timely People page

This main “People” page gives you a quick visual breakdown of capacity, billable percentage and logged hours for each employee. You can arrange the information by either week or month.

Look familiar? That’s because this section was previously the “Control” area in Timely for Company and Enterprise users. Instead of sitting on its lonesome in a separate page, we’ve bunched it together with other relevant activity, so you can review all employee information from one place.

The color grid by each user indicates how many hours they’ve logged against your account’s set weekly capacity:

People hours logged

The grid automatically updates as employees log hours, with dark green indicating “logged”. Head to your “Settings” page to assign weekly employee hours and Timely will work out how many hours people should log each working day. By default, Timely sets this to 40 hours a week.

You can click on each day for a quick breakdown of what your employees have been up to:

People hours details

Every employee has a blue progress bar indicating their capacity. The light blue indicates logged time against your set total, while dark blue indicates billed time and red for when people go over capacity. Hovering over the bar shows you the amount of billable hours versus capacity.

People capacity

Naturally, we’ve also added filters so you can review data for specific teams and get to the information you need super quickly. You can also add new people to Timely from this page — just tap the “+New user” button in the top-right corner.

Detailed breakdowns for each user

Want more detail on what an individual employee has been up to? Just click on their name to see their profile page. Better yet, use the handy search bar on the main “People” page to get there faster!

Individual user pages display all the time logged by an employee, including the projects and the tags they’ve worked on. To keep things simple, we’ve broken it down into a “Dashboard” overview tab and a more detailed “Hours” tab.

People individual dashboard

The “Dashboard” tab lets you immediately understand how many hours a specific user has logged, and gives you a full picture of where that time went. You can see the total logged money they’ve brought in, the projects and clients they’ve worked on, and the tagged tasks they were working on.

Cut and slice the data by time frame and save it in a report for easy reference. It makes downloading employee timesheets super quick – just select a month, hit “Create Report Template” and save.

People individual hours

The “Hours” tab lets you delve even deeper, letting you filter employee activity by date, projects, tags and billing status to get down to the specifics. If you ever need to adjust a specific user’s access rights, just click on “Edit User” at the top-right corner of their page.

It’s all available now on Timely for Mac, Windows and web. Get playing and thank us later 🏀

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