Introducing Graphs Dashboard on Reports

Written on 
July 18, 2017

Graphs galore! Graphs are awesome for visualizing data, and giving you a good feel of how things relate to each other where lists simply can't. For keeping track of how things change over time, you can’t beat it.

Today we’re launching a great new Graphs Dashboard view on Reports. By default it shows a month, but you can filter down just like you can on the old timesheets page.

Here’s how one beta user explained the new page to us: “makes me feel like my month of hell has been worth it”. 😃

Here’s what it looks like:

graphs dashboard 1 BODY@2x

The Hours overview displays in an area graph, while Clients, Projects and Users are displayed in horizontal bars. It makes it really easy to see your top earners, the difference in size between each value and more.

The whole page can easily be filtered to only display one set of users or projects as well, using the filters at the top.

You can also choose to display Money instead of Hours with the tabs on the right side of each area. If you click a second time on the tab, it also reverses the order to show the lowest first instead of the highest first.

graphs dashboard 2 BODY

This is only a first version and we would love to hear what graphs you want to be added! Or, if there are any other types of visualizations you’d like to see added to this page, shoot em’ our way on email or send it via in-app message system.

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