Design renaissance: spend less time managing your time

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July 4, 2018

We’ve gone back to the drawing board to really break down how to minimize the time you spend managing things in Timely. Why? Because time tracking should be as “light touch” as possible, so you can get back to the work that actually matters.

There’s hardly an area of Timely we haven’t touched with this latest design update! Enjoy a cleaner, infinitely more innovative Timely experience across Projects and People — getting where you need to go, faster. 🏃🏽

New Project page

We’ve taken a whole new approach to our project creation page, stripping out a ton of overwhelming options to keep things clean and simple.

Moving from this:


To this:


You still have the ability to customize projects to your heart’s content — setting different hourly rates, assigning project colours, adding budgets, and setting required tags. It’s just much less overwhelming experience.

Instead of serving you a ton of information at once, you just deal with the essentials. When you need to add specific details, just click to reveal your extra options. Granular rate and budget details are grouped in separate sections, to avoid adding unnecessary clutter:


Instead of having your entire company tied to the new project by default, simply add who you need. As the project creator, you will be added by default:


And setting required and optional project tasks also got a lot simpler:


Slick new User Editor

We’ve applied the same principles to our User Editor, making the whole process of adding and managing users insanely quick.

Moving from this:


To this:


You can still set a global hourly rate for your new user, add them to projects and even set different hourly rates for them against specific projects which support “individual rates” (see “Menu Design” below):


Connect and manage Apps in a click

Want to sync your Gmail account or pull time spent on Trello cards into Timely? Thanks to our new Apps interface, you can now manage all app integrations directly from your “Day” view. No hunting around for an obscure settings page – it’s all immediately available in a handy drop-down:


Just click on the app you’re interested in to connect and manage it. No redirection – you can control everything without ever leaving your “Day” view:


// We had a ton of fun building this one using React! Instead of having a single page to handle app management, we made the apps list part of our Redux store and built reusable React components to manage it. Sweet as pie. 😎

(And yes, we drank a lot of coffee this month ☕️).

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Designed by vikings in Oslo, Norway