Big new features: Control page, lots of app integrations, billed system and bulk-updating

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May 22, 2017

Timely is getting a slew of awesome new features today! Check 'em out:

Control immediately tells you who has logged hours and who hasn’t

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It’s the quintessential question for any manager, who’s done with their timesheet? In the above screenshot you see four full weeks at a time and then each person on your team below.

  • The box turns green when the amount of hours logged reaches 7.5 hours (amount can be changed in the top)
  • The box turns semi-green when there are more hours than zero
  • The box is light red when the amount of hours is zero

Click any box to see the hours logged for that day

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You can set the logic for when a box turns green in the top.

Between 0 and 7.5 they turn semi-green.

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The control page is amazing for staying in, well, complete control. We think you’ll love it.

New apps for Memory

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Memory just got six awesome new app integrations: Gmail, Todoist, Trello, GitHub, Asana and Wunderlist. These new apps create dots on your Memory timeline as such:

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Each app creates separate dots, but if you do several things inside an app within 15 minutes, it’s grouped to one dot, as shown in the example above with two emails.

Dot apps are really great for getting a clearer picture of the things you did in a day. For example, it’s difficult for Memory to figure out exactly what emails you’ve spent time on when you’ve been using Gmail for 10 minutes, as the subject field, who it’s for and the text will constantly change. But with the dots, we can show you the exact final result and when you sent it.

Same if you’re using a programming application where you might be working on 30 different files in a one hour. It would be difficult for Memory to figure out exactly what to display in the timeline, but with the GitHub integration you can see all your commits at the same time, so it will be easy for you to understand.

You’ll find the new apps on the Memory page in the top-right corner or under Apps in Settings.

Mark as billed system and bulk-updating

These two features are super useful and pretty powerful. First of all, you can now filter hours based on their billed state on the Reports, Projects and Users pages.

If an entry is marked as billed only an admin can edit it, which is great for making sure nothing changes backwards in time.

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How do you mark hours as billed? On Reports, Projects and Users, entries now have a checkbox next on the left side as seen above. Simply check it and these options will appear in the top:

big new features 7 BODY

That way you can quickly mark 500 hours as billed if you want to, or add tags to all of them at the same time. It’s pretty powerful and should be a huge timesaver.

That’s it for now! We hope you like the new features! 😄

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