Announcing New, Simpler Pricing

Written on 
September 21, 2015

When we launched Timely, we based pricing on five different plans that had specific limits on projects and users. To go from one plan to the next could be a fairly big jump if you only needed one more user or project.

It worked, but it encouraged you to have less projects, which wasn’t good. It also made it feel bad when you scaled. All in all, not ideal.

Today we’re finally scrapping all that and launching one simple price: $14 per user per month. That’s it. No limits on projects or users or anything – just one simple price.

In addition to that paid plan, we have a free tier that includes one user and 5 projects (it was previously 3), which should be a welcomed addition to those that don’t need anything more.

The new pricing makes it much easier to scale your team. We hope you like it.

What if I’m already paying for Timely?

Well then you are simply awesome — let us start by saying that. Now for the actual details; we are not changing anything to your subscription. You still have the old limits and will still pay the same price as before. However, if you reach your user limit, for example 15 users, and want to add one more, that’s when these new prices will kick in. So for user 16, you would pay an additional $14 per month.

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