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July 30, 2019

Short but sweet this month! 🍭 Check out your latest goodies — from simpler workspace management on Android, to an intelligent new Memory app for Mac and Windows.

New “Profile” screen on Android

Managing your Timely workspace on Android just got a whole lot easier thanks to the shiny new “Profile” screen (previously known as “Settings”).


We’ve completely reimagined this space, making it your one-stop shop for managing key workspace information and set-up. From this screen you can quickly navigate to:

  • Personal information — to change your name, time zone and profile picture
  • Workspace settings — to set a different currency across your time sheets
  • Notifications — to monitor the most important activity across your workspace
  • Connected Apps — to review the Timely integrations you have and have not enabled

We’re particularly proud of the new notifications section. Clicking on a notification will redirect you to the related project details page, so you can jump straight into heart of the action. It’s all ordered chronologically, with most recent notifications at the top of your list, so you don’t have to dig around for the latest information.

We’ll shortly be adding push, reminder and email notification controls here too, to keep everything in one neat space. Keep your eyes peeled! 🍊

A smarter, slicker Memory on desktop

We’ve added some fancy new tricks to Memory for Windows and Mac, giving you an overview of all new tracked activity from one neat space. Let’s take a closer look at each in turn.

Memory for Windows


Your new Memory tracker for Windows is full of useful nuggets of information. From one glance, you can review logged and planned hours for the day (including any money that amounts to). But Memory also now breaks down any new memories and AI drafts that need your attention.

Clicking “Log now” against a new AI draft takes you directly to your Day view in Timely so you can sort it. If you make any changes while you’re there — like editing a timestamp or adding a new time entry — your desktop tracker will populate the new information in real-time. You can toggle tracking “on” and “off as before, and hit the Settings button to adjust your launch settings or jump to a support resource.

But the coolest new addition has to be for incognito mode. Memory never tracks any activity while you’re in a private browser, so we’ve added a new icon in your system tray to visually reassure you nothing is being recorded. Open a private tab and the Memory icon will show tracking is paused; exit that tab and it will show tracking has resumed!


Memory for Mac

Mac Memory

It’s a similar story to Windows here — Memory for Mac now lets you quickly switch between different Timely workspaces, review your logged and planned hours for the day, and check in on any new memories.

Hitting the “Open” button will take you directly to your Week view in Timely, and clicking “Show” in the memory section will take you to the heart of the action in your Day view. There are even updates on any "idle time" you spend away from your computer in there, so you can immediately see any holes in your time records.

We’ll soon be adding tabs towards the top of the Mac tracker, so you can also quickly access any new notifications across all your workspaces. It’s all about keeping key information at your finger tips — so you don’t have to launch the Timely app or root around for answers.

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