A Completely New Timely

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April 10, 2017

Aah, the smell of new software! 🥓 Timely is completely new this morning with a whole new architecture. Every single line of code has been re-written from scratch. For you that means Timely just got crazy faster and have a slew of new features and changes. You can also expect new features to be built faster going forward.For the technical types, we’ve gone from Rails 3 and AngularJS to Rails 5 and React. We’ll do a separate post later about the technical stuff.

Important note: Please make sure to update to the latest version for iOS and Android (released on Saturday). The old apps won’t be able to log hours. The Memory Tracker for macOS should auto-update, but if you want to make sure, hit ‘Check for updates’ in the cog wheel dropdown.

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New URL: https://app.timelyapp.com/login

The app previously lived on https://timelyapp.com/login, but now there’s a ‘app’ subdomain in front of it. Most links should redirect automatically, but please update your bookmarks accordingly.

New Feature: Copy entries

This feature is a life-saver and something I couldn’t live without after it went into beta. There are three options for the copy feature:

Click the Copy button in the event editor. After that, select all the days you want to copy and with a single button you have the entries copied.

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It makes it really easy to log the same entry for a ton of days in a row.

Hold alt and drag an entry to copy it

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Hover on the day header and you’ll have an option to copy a full day

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Project budgets now show up when creating new entries on Hours, and you can create new projects directly from this page

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You can now choose to move a entry to a specific day

Before you could only send it to the next week.

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New Projects and Users pages

Both Projects and Users have been revamped and are now built in React, which means the page is super-fast and loads instantly, just like Hours and Reports.

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Here are some of the new features:

All-new design

A better overview with a refreshed and clearer design.


The pages now load instantly, both when you click the Projects or Users overview page and when you click individual pages.

Search projects and users

You can now search all projects and have the page update in real time.

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Quick-actions to edit, archive and delete

Hover over the three dots on the right of each project. This works on both Projects and Users.

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Filter hours and export on individual projects and user pages

You can now easily filter hours on a project or user page, just like on reports. Choose time frame, users, tags and columns to display. You can also export directly from this page.

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All-New Company View

This has also been re-created from scratch in React and now performs way better with a large number of users. It loads instantly and now has names on the left side. If users are missing avatars, it replaces the avatar with their initials to make it easy to separate.

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Profile, Notifications and Apps now live under Settings

Previously we had a different section where you edited your own personal settings, but this has now been moved into the general settings area.

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Much-improved emoji picker when creating tags

Search, categories and bigger images.

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Day View is now permanently gone

Only users that signed up before Feb 1st could see the day view and we’ve been displaying a message there ever since saying it will be removed.

All the apps that were accessible on Day View will be coming back on Memory very shortly in a pretty cool way. Stay tuned for that.

The mark-as-billed system is temporarily gone and is coming back in a much, much better way this week

The refreshed system should be there before the end of the week. All hours will retain their state from the old system, so you won’t loose anything.

There are a ton of backend and architecture updates that we’ll talk about in a separate post, but that’s it for this post. We hope you enjoy the new stuff! 😃

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